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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

It's been more than two years since I've launched in web one of the most sold 3D printed cameras in market.

As proved by tons of photos, this is a really functioning camera which is ten-times (or more) cheaper compared to standard ones. This is has enabled hundreds of nostalgic photographers to take large format or panoramic photo without spending a fortune.

Addictive manufacturing allows custom design which would fit the majority of good lenses yet in market.

I’ve sold and manufactured few hundred cameras and it was really exciting for me.The orders are increasing more and more – and now – since it is a second job for me and I have no free time to invest – I’m not able to continue with this journey.

I’ve already tried several times to transfer knowledge, dedication and everything is needed to keep this business up – but, at the end of the course I did not find anyone (expert in photography and 3D Printing) ready to ride this business.

So, with this message, very sadly, I’m going to suspend the sale of these camera.



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